Thursday 3 March 2016

The Fisherman's Companion by John Buckland

Down to the South Coast for a couple of days, no fishing, far too cold for me, but I found a wonderful book in one of my favourite old book shops, The Fisherman's Companion by John Buckland. This book was published in 1990 and is truly a joy to behold. Although a book on fly fishing through the ages, I am sure almost every fisherman will find pleasure in reading this book.

As a point of record, the largest salmon ever caught in the United Kingdom, was caught by Miss Georgina W Ballantine on the River Tay, Glendelvine, in Perthshire Scotland, on the 7 October 1922. The fish weighed 64 lb. This record has stood for over 93 years and in my opinion will never be equalled, let alone bettered. 

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