Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Chris Yates book 'How to fish' is on the way.

I'm getting excited, my beloved Wife has bought me a little present. A used hard back copy of the book 'How to fish' by Chris Yates, is on the way to me. I have read this book many times, courtesy of the local Library, but soon I will own this little masterpiece. Many will know Chris is a highly accomplished fisherman, but as a writer, on all things fishing, he has no peers.

Chris can write about a days fishing, where he catches no fish, but can make the read more exciting, than catching a record breaking leviathan. Chris captures the true essence of the sport, the thrill is in the hunt, with the added bonus of a fish sliding over the landing net. The great joy and mystery of fishing, has little to do with catching fish. No-one understands this better than Chris in my opinion.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Passion For Angling

Here we go again, it seems I have been granted another Spring. As said before, I am a fair weather fisherman. Not for me ice forming on the carbon fibre rod and four layers of clothing. Give me the warm sun on my face, and the fragrance of spring wild flowers, ducklings following mum, across a flat calm lake or slowly meandering river. Angling is magic, and you can see the magic, or you can feel the magic, or it will never make sense. It makes sense to me. This to me is magic.