Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Chris Yates book 'How to fish' is on the way.

I'm getting excited, my beloved Wife has bought me a little present. A used hard back copy of the book 'How to fish' by Chris Yates, is on the way to me. I have read this book many times, courtesy of the local Library, but soon I will own this little masterpiece. Many will know Chris is a highly accomplished fisherman, but as a writer, on all things fishing, he has no peers.

Chris can write about a days fishing, where he catches no fish, but can make the read more exciting, than catching a record breaking leviathan. Chris captures the true essence of the sport, the thrill is in the hunt, with the added bonus of a fish sliding over the landing net. The great joy and mystery of fishing, has little to do with catching fish. No-one understands this better than Chris in my opinion.

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