Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mitchell fishing reels.

I am the first to admit I am a has been, a relic from the past, a lover of things from a time gone by. These fishing reels are from a time gone by. The original company is long gone. These reels were made decades ago, and they are as reliable and perfect as the day they were made. Made in a time products were made to a standard, rather than a price. Built by craftsmen rather than virtual slaves in a far off country. I use these reels and they have never let me down, when I do not catch fish, It is down to my lack of skill, and fate.

The Mitchell fishing reel museum is here

"This site is dedicated to the millions of men, women and children-at-heart with precious memories of the most beloved fishing reel ever made beginning with The Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel. The positive impact these reels had on our lives by helping to bring families together will live on." Wallace Carney, Website Administrator, Author & Historian


  1. Great pictures and yes these were made by craftsman, special nice to use.
    Cheers Fred

  2. Sorry Fred I was so late in posting your comment. I have been so busy of late I rarely get over here. Thanks for the kind words, and yes the reels are a joy to use.

    Regards Mitch

  3. Fantastic pics and also without a doubt they were produced by craftsman, special pleasant to utilize.
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