Saturday, 9 March 2013

Don’t blame me, blame Matt Hayes !

Some time around four years ago, while surfing around on U Tube, I came upon a video by Matt Hayes. I had just stopped playing golf due to a hand condition that was never going to go away. One of the things I loved about golf, was the fact I could spend time outdoors watching the seasons change and being in beautiful places, from inland park type courses to cliff top sea side links. Fishing looked like it could fill the gap. Matt was so enthusiastic and made fishing look exciting and fun.

Some cheap second-hand gear purchased via eBay and down to a local lake with one of my sons. We started fishing with maggots as bait,  and quickly caught some small silver fish, we were happy, we had done better than we had hoped for. A change of bait to bread, and we spent the next five hours pulling in good sized carp. I was totally hooked (no pun intended) I had found a new sport to keep me outdoors and observing nature. When I am not fishing, I am reading about fishing. Why not give fishing a try, you could do worse !

Check Matt out on the video below. A great fisherman and a very natural presenter. A man with his head together for sure.


  1. Fishermans Friend11 March 2013 at 17:16

    Matt Hayes and "The Duke" as he is sometimes called. Good television or dvd watching

  2. Matt's long term sidekick Mick Brown is a great bloke and also a star fisherman.

    Regards Eddie